Child Refugees

One late night after leaving Walmart with my 17 year old daughter, we saw a man of a foreign nationality holding a sign begging for food. At that late of an hour with my daughter in the car, I was reluctant to roll down the window to give him money.

After I passed him, my daughter yelled out “DADDY STOP!” Several feet away and hidden beside a pole, she had noticed two small children bundled up in a ragged blanket with their mom standing beside them. My daughter said, “Dad please turn around and go back. I have some money in my purse.”

These were child refugees in our country.

As heart wrenching as this sight was, these children had parents to beg for them.

According to the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants ( in 2014:

“Many unaccompanied immigrant children arrive in the United States without parents or resources, escaping from domestic abuse, gang violence, sex trafficking, or extreme poverty in their home countries.”

Denise and I know first hand the incredible need that these children have for practical love. After the turn of the century, we took into our home an older teenage refugee for 18 months. He had absolutely no other means of support. Through active love from various people, he now has a master’s degree in English and is married with two beautiful children!