Whom We Serve

In one of the jail scenes of the movie Unconditional, my character (played by Michael Ealy) was surprisingly saved from a gang of angry white, tattoo-wearing, country mountain men. This scene was very close to my actual experience. We did not put in the movie what happened in the weeks that followed the incident — I was given permission to help over 30 of those same men to complete their GEDs (a high school equivalency.)

One day, one of my former prison students was released. I walked him out to meet his wife with one of the guards escorting us. My student’s 8 year old son, knowing I had taught his dad, ran up to me and thanked me. His son said “Thank you. Mom and my brothers and sisters haven’t had much since dad was locked up, but since you taught my daddy in school, he can get a job and we can eat enough now.” The wife began to cry tears of joy as they got into the car and drove away. That moment in time has never left my memory and has never left my heart.

I’ve traveled for many months as an advocate for children and struggling moms. I’ve visited and have spoken at fundraisers for many nonprofit organizations, schools and churches throughout the country who serve children in all forms of oppression.

The plights of these children have greatly moved us to sound the alarm and unite with you to help rescue these children from their despair.

Below is a list of various categories of children in desperate need that YOU will be aiding as you contribute and pray for the growth of this Walk of Love gift registry.

There is a desperate cry from each of these areas:

Children of Public Housing

Homeless Children

Children of Incarcerated Parents

Child Trafficking Victims

Child Refugees

Orphans and Foster Care Children

Children of Disabled Veterans

Struggling Mom and Girls