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Kids Love 2 Read

(Elijah’s Heart Literacy Program)

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty by Developing Avid Readers!

We are giving FREE books to hundreds of at-risk children, building personal libraries in their homes!  This is only the BEGINNING!  


Our mission is to establish and make available an outstanding literacy program that promotes long-term, successful education for children. Denise once asked a successful retired teacher a simple question about educating children: “What’s the number one key to a child’s success in education?” The elderly teacher simply replied: “Teach them to read well.”

Literacy is the ability to read and write. Throughout Papa Joe’s years of traveling to visit and collaborate with many schools and nonprofit organizations, he has witnessed firsthand the urgent need to increase the reading proficiency of our children. Statistics on the topic of literacy are readily available. Just Google “Literacy issues in America.” A staggering percentage of Americans are functionally illiterate with the numbers growing each year, especially in low-income families.

An illiterate person differs from a functional illiterate person. An illiterate person is someone who was never actually taught to read. Papa Joe’s grandmother (who worked as a custodian as shown in “Unconditional” the movie) was illiterate. She grew up as a poor Negro girl in the Great Depression, and did not have access to public school. A functional illiterate person, on the other hand, may have gone completely through public school, but according to Google “it’s a person whose level of ability to read and write is below that needed to do the ordinary tasks required to function normally in society.”

Papa Joe, Denise and the Elijah’s Heart team have a clear mission to train and motivate children to read in order to become great learners!!

People in approximately 121 countries are viewing “Unconditional.” As seen in the movie, one of the primary focuses in the hearts of Papa Joe and Denise has always been to enhance learning with at-risk children. To become a good learner, a child has to become a good reader. To become a good reader, a child has to practice reading!! To become great at practicing reading, Papa Joe, Denise and the Elijah’s Heart team promote practical steps that involve families and other supporters to motivate children to read regularly. As the support group helps the child develop healthy reading habits, then fluency, comprehension and memory will naturally increase.

To practice reading a child must have access to books!!

Through our Walk of Love program, we visit hundreds of inner city families filled with children. Most low-income or fatherless children have little or no books at home. Many libraries have been hit with budget cuts and parents are often reluctant to have their children walk to libraries particularly in drug-infested areas.

Papa Joe, Denise and the Elijah’s Heart team now give thousands of free books to children and youth!!

We are committed to getting free books into the hands of thousands of children to increase literacy in order to build children into great learners. Through the grace of God we partner with wonderful people to grow a mass inventory of books to give as gifts to children throughout America and abroad.


We supply the books! You can partner with us in various creative ways to get these free books into the hands of children to grow reading skills:

  • Schedule book giveaways in schools and other organizations.
  • Invite Papa Joe & Denise to inspire your organization’s youth and parents in literacy.
  • Schedule an “Unconditional” movie night with a book giveaway (with Papa Joe and Denise as surprise guests) to incite excitement in reading practice.
  • Collaborate with us to customize a literacy program with a generous supply of books.
  • …And other creative ways we may partner.

If you or your organization would like to partner with us, please contact us.

To make a contribution toward this cause donate now on this site.