CWA Apartments Walk of Love

CWA Walk of Love April 2014

What can ruin an outdoor event more than rain? Well, I’m not sure, but there was none to be seen at this Spring 2014 Walk of Love in spite of the weather report. The sun was glaring down on the Elijah’s Heart team as we prepared items for the CWA community with great excitement. We enjoy giving to this community, which was a location for the film, Unconditional, because the management has always been gracious toward us and helpful in any way needed to get our offerings to their residence.

We wanted to do something special for them at this particular Walk, so we had one of our team “chefs,” Renee Casey, prepare Italian Beef to serve to the residents. They were also able to pick up free Avon products and our signature share, candy, as they grabbed a plate of food. We loved meeting and conversing with the community members and listening to how our gifts blessed their lives.  Blessing them, blesses the entire Elijah’s Heart team as well.

Meanwhile, other parts of our volunteer team showered all three sections of the community with food boxes and household supplies from our Feed the Children partners. Over 1000 boxes were shared with children and their parents. Among our volunteers were professors of Belmont University, church leaders, school teachers, and people from churches around Davidson and Williamson Counties who shared our hearts to give.

Are you a leader in your area? Contact us and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.


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