Cumberland View Walk of Love

Dodge Walk of Love July 2014

Saturday afternoon at the playground can be a joyful sight as you watch children playing, hear them laughing, and witness the ability to be carefree. We were treated to all of this and more at our Cumberland View Walk of Love. Children showed up in great numbers to receive lunch provided by Christ Life Community Church in Smyrna, TN pastored by Scott Hord, who volunteered to partner with us for this time of sharing with this community.

Peace was the order of the day in one of Nashville’s most well known inner city communities. We even had a teenage young lady from 80 miles away who drove up with her family to participate. She told her parents that this is what she wanted for her birthday. Her gift to herself was spreading the love of Jesus with us. What she did not realize is how much her presence and story was a gift and blessing to each person attending. Papa Joe was sure to tell the team of volunteers just that.

One of the unique things about this community of mostly mothers and their children is that the children are always eager to become volunteers themselves, and they respond enthusiastically to the many fathers among our volunteers.  The children always ask how they can help, and before we know it we have a line of children loading light boxes, packing candy, and distributing candy. It is very heartwarming indeed. These children know what it is to be thankful and respond with a spirit of servanthood.

If you, your organization, or your church in any city would like to partner with us, please let us know. We are happy to have you and your children.


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