A Family Needs Your Help

Recently, the Elijah’s Heart Family Relations Team connected with a family living in the CWA Apartments, a low-income community near downtown Nashville. This young couple with three small children is in desperate need of provision, love and prayer. And we need YOUR help in showing them love in action!

They have a 4-month-old baby boy, a 2-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. Currently, the mother stays at home to raise the children while she works to get her GED. The father is a security officer for Sophia’s Heart Ministry – a ministry that houses and feeds homeless families. Despite their best efforts, they are often left without enough money to pay bills and often fall behind on diapers, food and other necessities.

The father, 24-years-old, works 8 to 12-hour shifts every night making $8 an hour. Every other day, he sells his plasma for $20. Despite how exhausted he feels at the end of the day, he said how grateful he is for the time he has with his children. That love fuels him to stay awake for hours after work, just hugging and playing with them.

As he was telling me this, I was absolutely blown away. I felt the very heart of the Father beating for him. I saw that he is a treasure of a man – a struggling but entirely loving father.  A hard worker trying to provide for his family in an environment of drugs, poverty and violence – a world just inches away outside their front door.

He went on to say many touching things about his children, but one statement resounded in my utter being. He said he refused to let his children grow up fatherless. When he told us that, the young mother’s hands clasped against her face, and she began to cry.

Her tears flowed like a fountain as she told us she daily prayed to Jesus for something different than her unstable childhood for her kids…that they would grow up happy, safe and “ok.” She told us she wants to be able to buy them toys and take them to parks…to fill their lives with the little joys she rarely experienced while growing up. And she had faith that God heard her and had a plan. Despite the way things currently appear, she believes Jesus has something wonderful in store for her and her family. This is her hope.

Over the course of this special meeting, the Lord revealed to me such a powerful truth. The children in the communities we serve are not the only ones longing and begging for the love of a father and mother. These dear, precious adults are also yearning to connect with people who have the hearts of fathers or mothers – mighty warriors of love and ambassadors of hope.

After connecting with this family, our hearts became so moved with the compassion of Jesus. We feel compelled to make a tangible difference in the life and destiny of this family. And we want to ask YOU to link arms with us!

The Family’s Needs (updated 11-9-12) :

  • twin bed
  • living room furniture (couch etc.) 
  • baking and cookware
  • food (frozen meats, non-perishable items, etc.) 
  • gas cards 
  • washing machine
  • computer (with an up-to-date web browser that supports Flash)
  • toys for children (to put smiles on their little faces)
  • size 2 and 5 diapers

If you are able to donate or procure any of these items, please contact Tami at finder@elijahsheart.com.

Even if you don’t have any of these items, donating to Elijah’s Heart helps enable us to give towards the many precious families in need such as this one.

Please join with us in the fight against poverty and hopelessness – one family at a time.

Thank you for your support!

Nicky, a Family Relations Team Member


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