Papa Joe’s Lunch Express

Papa Joe’s Lunch Express Is a program inside of Elijah’s Heart that teaches business to youth using a convenience lunch system for company employees.


Our lunch program involves three simple steps without intruding on company time:

  1. We set up small attractive refrigerators in a company’s office building in a break room type of space. We keep the refrigerators stocked with healthy and tasty food deli foods. Preorders are also available with payments made only after customers get their food from the refrigerator.
  2. During lunch or break time participating employees choose their sandwich with chips or build their favorite salad. They then choose a refreshing drink and a homemade dessert.
  3. Employees have four options to pay: 1) On their phone or computer through our Papa Joe’s Lunch Express App or website, 2) On a point of sale device we place near the refrigerator or with your attendant, 3) with cash placed in a cash container (any change above actual cost is donated to Elijah’s Heart to help local at-risk kids, or 4) through our 1-800 payment call center.


Periodically we will have coupons and additional foods to wet the appetite. The payment app and website will have a “tip” option to give $1 or more toward at-risk children. There’s NO START-UP FEE and we also CATER lunches and events.

The benefits for partnering companies and employees are:

  1. It’s delicious healthy food.
  2. You don’t have to pay for gas to leave the office and wait in long lunch lines.
  3. Remaining in the office/company increases company discussion and productivity.
  4. You’re helping us teach kids about business.
  5. And every bite you take helps to feed or educate an at-risk child.

Click the Papa Joe’s Lunch Express logo below to see to our menu. Once on the menu find “click HERE”, choose any company and click “GO”. It’s a live menu so please don’t order anything. Only employees with partnering companies should use the menu.